DIC Products

Graphic Arts

This segment comprises printing inks and organic pigments, the DIC Group’s core businesses, as well as printing supplies, including presensi-tized (PS) plates. The Group is a leading player in the global markets for all principal products in this segment.

Industrial Materials

The DIC Group manufactures a wide selection of industrial materials, including synthetic resins, resin-related products, functional polymers and polymer additives. These products are used internally and supplied to manufacturers of, among others, coatings, building materials, automobiles, electric and electronics components, and textiles.

High-Performance and Applied Products

Products in this segment include special compounds and colorants, chemical coatings, adhesive materials, plastic molded products, most of which use internally sourced materials manufactured by its Graphic Arts and Industrial materials business operations. Segment customers are manufacturers in such end–product industries as housing construction, food packaging and automobile manufacturing.

Electronics and Informaiton Materials

This segment encompasses an extensive range of products, including next-generation imaging and reprographic products, liquid crystal materials, engineering plastics and membranes. These products are supplied to customers in a variety of promising, cutting-edge industries, notably electric, electronics and IT-related equipment.

Decorative Business

This segment comprises decorative materials and decorative system.

Health Care Foods

Health Care Foods materials manufactures Spirulina and Stevia.